How to Build Step-by-Step

  • Can anyone offer a link on how to build the Hise app step-by-step for those who are not using Juce or know about it?

  • You will have a few extra flags to consider in linux for a streamline result.

  • The advice is not super fantastic. Set the Juce and module folder in JUCE global preferences/ settings to the same as in the HISE folder from github. You won't need extra librarys. The github files include all needed to compile. Don't worry about asio unless your on windows standalone. IPP will need a login account before downloading librarys. Its worth it if you need awesome convolution reverb.

  • please correct me if i am wrong

  • @danial You shouldn't need to change any paths for the SDKs, just put them in the tools/SDK folder and it should already be setup in JUCE. I believe ASIO is only required for Windows but unless you only plan on providing your plugins for Mac users you will need it. You need an account with Intel to get the IPP. I use a burner email and it's a very quick process. IPP is needed to improve the performance of all the FFT effects but most of them will still work with out it, just less efficiently.

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