VST version not work!?

  • Hello everyone, I would like to know if I am the only one to meet with problems ... And if there are some things to do with my problem. In fact, my effect plugin is a Reverb. Everything works great when I'm on Hise (I test with a looper). When I export, everything that goes through an external routing to 1 and 2 does not work.

    What I have trouble understanding is why it works on Hise, and why it does not work when I export it. I tried with X64 and X32, and even a standalone version but nothing works.

    I also have a scrip for a level meter, which works great when I'm in Hise but as soon as I export it, it no longer works in DAW (Tested in FL, Reaper, Cubase and Studio One).

    I am exporting with VS2017. I have the latest builds from Hise. All my compilation is ok, no error code.

    *** Also, can not use the plugin version of HISE. as soon as I load a project the program crashes. Test with several project of Hise.

    Thank you

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