Max value for attack is ignored when exported

  • Inside of HISE the knob that I connected to Attack works exactly as I configured it, but when I export the plugin the max value is ignored.
    Anything I can do about that?

  • @ltearr what is your attack value? Is this attack knob for a adsr envelope or compressor? What do you mean it's ignored? Can you give more info

  • @orange sorry, let me be more specific, the project contains just a sampler, and I have a DefaultEnvelope Attack connected to one of the knobs. In HISE I have it configured with a range from 0-25, with 12 as the centre, and it behaves accordingly, but when I export to vst/standalone the range I set is being ignored, and it just goes from 0-1000 or something.

  • @orange Ok, I think I get it, the property editor probably doesn't actually make the script, I guess. So I should put the script in myself. As someone with zero experience in coding I'm trying to find an example in the forum but can't find any, not anything as simple as what I need anyway, haha.

  • @ltearr The property editor changes the JSON behind the scenes. Click on a control and then press J to see the code. This sounds like a possible bug to me but I haven't tested it.

  • @d-healey I added this to the script editor and now it works:

    // [JSON Attack]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("Attack", {
    "max": 25,
    "mode": "Time",
    "stepSize": 1,
    "middlePosition": 12,
    "suffix": " ms"

    So I guess there's a bug in the property editor.

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