Working on a new project...

  • Hi, i´m working on a new project, a little more complex project that others I worked before and I hope take some months to finished:
    alt text

  • @jadg wow!!! Good luck. Any audio demo yet?

  • @hisefilo

    I´ll record it and upload..., soon
    There´s only Longs and Shorts articulation working for the moment...

  • @hisefilo
    Here is, an audio example of String Emsemble, for the Longs and Shorts articulations, just an merely improvisation playing my keyboard...
    String Ensemble audio example

  • @jadg sound cool! shorts are great!

  • @hisefilo
    Yes, of course, shorts articulations are the most important in a good strings sounds, it´s very difficult to find natural and really good longs articulation in any library over there !! , I´m trying a soft but expressive longs articulations sounds. Normally all comercial libraries offer very hard and antinatural longs strings sounds, and very dry and hard for shorts articulations ( too shorts or too staccato) withouth medium or really customizable articulations. When you try to play o write fast or light phrases always sounds very hard or staccato, (or to slow or soft for long articulation. I´m trying to resolve that as a musician and composer, and offer it to other people. . I don´t use in this project any reverb or convolution efect in order to get the most natural sound without artifacts and saving the maximum of CPU usage, this is important when you write five o six voices in fast or medium fast musical enviromments....

  • @jadg
    One of the important things on all this is the attack time must be continuosly modulated by velocity.., i think this is essential for a natural and expressive sound. I´m triying in this case...

  • @jadg
    One of the biggest problems is in repetition on the same note and the gun machine ugly effect...
    Use a lot of round robin groups is not the solution , if the sound of the different roundf robin groups are the same or very similar...
    it´s better way modulating in real time the response on velocity, attack time and attack level.., afortunatelly HISE alow you to control and modulate this parameters !!!, and others platforms dont permit that so easely....

    I think the best strings sound for the moment are Spitfire Audio strings..., and they still have this problems.... !!

    Probably, HISE could be the beginig of the end of Kontakt.....

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