Split incoming note to several notes?

  • I'm building an accordion plugin and for the Stradella bas system it would be smooth to split one midi note to several, so that lets say note C1 played on the keyboard will trigger C1, E1 and G1 in the sampler, is it possible?
    I guess it's possible to use the Script Processor connected to the sampler to make this happen?
    0_1525862687003_Screenshot 2018-05-09 kl. 12.38.59.png

    And if it's achievable I also would like to control the triggered notes with some sort of controller, slider maybe or combobox.... so that the incoming note can trigger a major, minor, major 7 and diminished chord depending of what the controller is switched to.
    It would also be nice to control these switches between chords, using key switches.

    Is there some information about how to set this things up in Hise?

    All the best /Ulrik

  • @ulrik Synth.playNote() is what you need, when the note comes in you can trigger whatever notes you want using this command

  • @d-healey Thank you, I will figure it out how to use it, otherwise I'll come back to you again 🙂
    You're very helpful, it's appreciated!

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