audio demo with my HISE creations

  • Hello !

    I had fun making a small song to test my creations with Hise.
    Well, the sound (master) is not very good, and I do not ask you to judge the music. Just to see what we can do with HISE
    the song is a bit repetitive since it's just a demo 😉

    in order of sound appearance:
    pad = Synth strings rompler (preset Elka 490).
    synth melo = my SVF filter polysynth (based on Jupiter-8 structure).
    Simmons drums rompler (SDS-V).
    Vintage piano & EP Rompler (Dyno 01W + DX7 II layered).
    Synth bass = my Moog Ladder filter polysynth (something beetween moog synth and prophet-5).

    additional =
    MODO bass
    SWAM saxophone
    fonky Guit riff.

    Enjoy 🙂

  • Sounds Cool, good job.... I've followed you on soundcloud 😉 🙂

  • @remarkablex said in audio demo with my HISE creations:

    Sounds Cool, good job.... I've followed you on soundcloud 😉 🙂

    Gasp ! Damned ! 😉

    Thanks. Other creations on soundcloud was unfortunaly old and bad mixed. played with another VST than HISE.
    My goal now is to create songs with 70/80 % of HISE creation (maybe it's just me but it's really easier to create a patch on MY synth that I created - so i know exactly how it works/sound)

    My dream : 100 % Personnal creations - 0% other 😉

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