Latest Development Builds

  • This topic contained links to development builds (the links on the download page were major version numbers).

    This has been changed: you can get the bleeding edge of HISE directly from the download page. There is a frequency of ~2 new build versions per week, thanks to the automation of this process.

  • I cannot find range slider as an option.

  • The slider widget has a new mode (Knob, Horizontal, Vertical, Range)

  • Are development builds still available?

  • Just go to the download page:

    (I added a automatic build system and once in a while I upload a snapshot). These are the latest builds.

  • The download link for the latest Windows build seems to be broken

  • Yes I need to build it first I'll upload it soon.

  • The installer isn't working for me either - has it not been put up yet?

    Edit: tried the previous one as well, and it gave me an error saying something along the lines of "cannot expand [something] 64" - is this only 64 bit at the moment? I'm trying to get it on my 32 bit Windows laptop.

  • Sorry guys, I was pretty busy the last days, but now it's online.

    I am currently working mostly on OSX so the Windows builds are not as tested as the OSX ones right now. However I had to fix some Windows related crashes before uploading the new build.

    Be aware that this is not a release candidate, but a current development state that is far from stable. I introduced a new event handling system that needed heavy rewriting of the internal architecture, so it is not unlikely that it will contain some broken use cases.

    RE 32bit, you should be able to select only the 32bit components in the installer. I can install the 32bit versions on my win laptop (which is 64bit though, but I can't imagine that the installer application itself is 64bit)…


    However, I hardly use the 32bit builds myself. 32bit is kind of deprecated in the sampling world and there are some technologies (memory mapping etc) that need to make use of the bigger adress space of 64bit (even if you don't load up >4GB of samples into your memory). That's why I am using a fallback solution for 32bit streaming which is much worse performance wise.

  • Excellent! the download link is working now. Does this new event handling system give us access to the event IDs?

  • Kind of yes, but I didn't add fading volume or pitch by event ID yet (so it's pretty useless right now). But from here it is not much work to do so if you want to play around with this feature I might add it in the next build.

  • Cool I look forward to experimenting with it

  • Still not working for me… I'm on 32-bit Windows 8.1. Specs aren't that good but that shouldn't affect my ability to install things.

  • Googling the error message yields some problems with the installer (Inno Setup) when the system is 32bit.

    I'll try to fix it (or I can build a 32bit only installer).

  • Alright. Build 643 should have a 32bit compatible installer (among other bug fixes, the last development version was extremely unstable). I also added the pitch & volume fade events.

  • Amazing work, can't wait to test it out

  • What are the function names for the new fade commands? I can't find them in the API list

  • I forgot to update the internal list. These are the function names:

    /** Fades all voices with the given event id to the target volume (in decibels). */
    Synth.addVolumeFade(int eventId, int fadeTimeMilliseconds, int targetVolume);
    /** Adds a pitch fade to the given event ID. */
    Synth.addPitchFade(int eventId, int fadeTimeMilliseconds, int targetCoarsePitch, int targetFinePitch);

    targetCoarsePitch is in semitones and targetFinePitch is in cents.

    It is currently using only linear fading. And if you fade to silence, the notes continue to play (although I could add something like Synth.killEvent(eventId).

  • Thanks that's great. Perhaps you could add an extra argument for the functions to determine if the voice is killed or not after the fade completes?

  • Hello! I've just last night saw this project and very impressed. Thanks for you work!!! Now I would like to establish whole the process of compilation to test my tryings as they would be finalized (GUI, optimization e.t.c.). Now i found the 5th part of tutorial about building the compiller and link to the JUCE is not working. Can be used JUCE fromte master folder from github, or it should be downloaded separately from official repository, or you have to upload required version again?

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