JACK MIDI ports on linux

  • Hey! I just tried HISE on Linux, it works great. Just I cannot figure out how to connect a virtual MIDI port to HISE via JACK. I am using the standalone version but I cannot see any JACK MIDI ports. Thanks!

  • To be more precise:

    1. I start JACK server
    2. I start a2jmidid which builds ALSA-JACK midi bridges
    3. run HISE standalone

    I get no JACK MIDI ports available

  • What distro are you using? How are you creating the virtual MIDI ports?

  • I'm using ubuntu 16.04 kernel 4.4, I use to create virtual MIDI ports in Rosegarden to be then connect to any VSTs or other DAWs. Usually running JACK and a2jmidid (http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/zesty/man1/a2jmidid.1.html) is sufficient to get a MIDI port available in, for instance, Hydrogen drumkit. I can see JUCEJack running but amongst all the available MIDI ports, there are no JUCE or HISE MIDI ports.

  • I am finally able to connect Rosegarden MIDI playback port to HISE! I just have to use the standard Midi through-port 0, easy right? Strangely all the other virtual ports created are not seen by HISE, but this one works!

    Thanks so much for the help! hope that this post will be useful for other Rosegarden users. Thank you for the nice project!

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