JUCE 5 Support

  • Another technical question.

    To build background, one reason why I decided to resume my HISE project is because of the JUCE team announcing that version 5 of their tools are free to use and even sell closed source code with (within income limits) for everyone.

    That being said, do you have plans to make HISE compatible officially with JUCE 5? As a free JUCE user, the current workaround I found was to edit the provided JUCE 4.3 code to include the splash screen mandatory for Personal (free) licenses, and I still haven't confirmed if I got the also-mandatory analytics working with HISE yet.

  • Hi Cyberdyne,

    yes it was pretty embarassing to go to the ADC this year running an ancient JUCE version and there are a ton of cool features that have been added since then (a better convolution engine, DSP algorithms and many improvements for iOS).

    It's definitely on my top priority list to take the leap to the current JUCE version, but it involves changing the entire build procedure and modifying the JUCE codebase with the few custom additions I made for HISE. Don't hold your breath for it (but I try to do it this year).

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