Round robins per velocity?

  • I have not downloaded this yet, but it may be an alternative to kontakt for me.
    The main thing I want to know is, is it possible to have round robins per velocity layer in hise? If so how easy is that, can you do it without scripting? Also if I wanted to import an image for the background can you do that without scripting or is it easy to do without scripting knowledge?
    And lastly if I wanted to export it all as a VST how do you go about that, do you have to pay for it?
    Thanks in advance!

  • You will need to learn to script if you want to do anything more than the most basic tasks with HISE - or any other similar development environment.

    HISE has built in cycle round robin per sampler via groups (like Kontakt). You could use one sampler per velocity layer to get RR per velocity but that would be a huge waste of resources. Realistically you will need a script for this.

    You could add a background image without scripting but you will need a little scripting to get this to display as a main interface for your instrument.

    If you're scared of scripting then you are not going to be happy about VST exporting, have a look in the documentation and tutorials for more info 🙂

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