Wave Table export Working on Develop and New-Layout Branch

  • Hi Christoph
    here a re My Findings about Wavetables

    first the Hise Stand Alone builds were done on a
    Mac Pro 3.1 with Mojave 10.14.6 with Xcode 10
    and Mac Pro 5.1 with Big Sur 11.2.3 with Xcode 12.5

    When we Use Either the Develop or new-layout Branch
    we can Export the Wave tables
    after we export the wave tables we have to close Hise and re-open
    to be able to play the wavetables

    Hise Develop Export Wavetables.png

    with Develop and new-layout we do not have the Wavetable Preview

    Hise Develop no Wavetable Preview.png

    When we use the Master Branch to Export wavetables the Hise App Crashes

    if i open the project containing the wavetables created with
    Develop or new-layout in Hise Master Branch
    i am able to get the Wavetable Preview

    Hise Master Branch.png

    i Found another Difference in Develop & New-layout Branch the LFO Wave has Steps option

    Steps Present in Develop.png

    but in Master Branch the LFO Wave has no Steps option!

    Steps not Available in Master Branch.png

    Hope This Helps to Fix Everything!

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