A great package installer for PC

  • Hey guys,
    I want to share with you an awesome installer-creator for PC that has given me great results: Paquet Builder.

    It is a highly flexible and extremely powerful installer builder that allows for so many customizations of the way your package is installed and the way it looks. Here are some things I love about it:

    • A ton of variables built-in
    • Custom variables for any element you create (eg. custom install paths) that you can reference in custom actions
    • Being able to allow users to choose a location where they want each component installed
    • Modern interface
    • Custom installer icon
    • Custom poster during installation
    • Software signing
    • Custom actions using IF, THEN, IF-ELSE conditional logic referencing variables and custom variables
    • Pre and post actions (eg. check computer configuration, launch a program or a webpage)
    • Support for custom scripts
    • Uninstaller with custom icon
    • Registering your installed software in Windows programs

    I was able to create a custom action that notes the location of the sample library install path, then writes that path to the WindowsLink file. So, when a user starts the plugin for the first time, they don't have to waste time connecting the samples. I've done all of this without actually coding anything.

    There are many more options and functionalities. It is really awesome, I am very happy with it and that's why I am highly recommending it.

    They have a full-featured trial version (not time-limited) that allows you to test everything, but the final installer displays a popup that the package is not meant for distribution. The paid versions are $100 for Professional and $180 for the Ultimate (the one I got). I looked at other installers on the market and this is by far the best value for money.

    I wish there was something as awesome as this for Mac.

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