App icon's driving me crazy

  • When creating an entirely new project and exporting as a standalone app, I always get the icon set with an old projects icon (remember CollaB3). I have no idea why Hise takes this icon, which can only be found in this old folder project... Or maybe it is Xcode?

    Of course, I can replace it in the exported app but why the heck this old icon is still used?

  • @ustk Have you tried the app in other macOS system?

    I've seen similar issue on Windows with Inno Setup too. When I change the installer icon and re-build it, I still see old icon. But same installer shows the new icon in another Windows computer.

    Maybe an Operating system issue.

  • @ustk Have you looked under User/Library/ApplicationSupport/HISE?

  • So in fact I had to remove the old project that contained this icon. This project was absolutely not related to anything else and certainly not to any new project I've made so why an icon from somewhere else was used is a total mystery. But a solved mystery now 🙂

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