Split some HISE output into mono

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to make a drumkit and I'm having some trouble with the routing.
    I've compiled the multi-output version with no issues and ran it into a daw that correctly sees it and makes outputs channels.
    I've increased the routing matrix to 30 internal bus max (32 goes crazy, I think it's a bug, if anyone is interested I'm willing to help testing).
    Thing is, whenever I map a mono sample, it always gets mapped to a stereo channel in the sampler output. And this wouldn't be much of a hassle, if I could have mono outputs from HISE, because I could just collapse the two channels into a bus and call it a day.
    Is it possible to only have a mono output and not waste two channels for a close mic of the kick or snare while having stereo for the OH?

  • Probably need to enable this


  • Thanks! But it didn't quite solve my problem.

    I can now use the stereo bus in the routing matrix as single recieving bus, but I still have two issues:

    • First, and somewhat negligible, even if I have the all pieces input separated to mono when outputting from the samplers, the same thing is not true when outputting from the container to the HISE output


    • Second, more relevant, whenever I open HISE in the DAW and create the tracks corresponding to the multiple outputs, I always get stereo tracks, when I'd like to have mono ones so I can just route channel 1 of the multimic kick map to output 1 and channel 1 of the sample map to channel 2, and not have them hard panned L R.

    Is this possible, even if having to custom code it a little?

  • @Giulio-Grassia said in Split some HISE output into mono:

    Is this possible, even if having to custom code it a little?

    Anything's possible with custom code, how little though I don't know. I think it should be possible without any custom code but I have no idea how to do it as it's not something I've ever explored.

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