Multimic samples disappearing

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to test multimic sampling in my plugin, but whenever I try to merge them, the samples disappear, like if I deleted them from the sampler. Can't even find them in the table view. I've checked sample length and same settings between sibilings already and everything is ok.
    I'm currently on W10 x64, HISE standalone compiled from scriptnode branch. Everything else is going more or less smoothly (might need some pointing to multichannel output, but I'll ask for this later, if I can't find anything).
    I've followed videos and other threads on the forum but haven't found a solution to this problem.
    Thanks for any help!

  • I had a problem like this, it turned out I had some mis-named samples in there.

    When you get to the sample merge window and you select a token to use as the mic position name, what do you see in the little output text strip?

  • Samples name differ just by the mic indication, in this case, and they are just two. This is the default window, I also tried to parse with the - separator, but to no avail. I opted for mapping data since having only two samples would be easier and could avoid making the parser go crazy. Full name of the samples is "LudwigBlackBeauty14x6.5RingSnareStick-Hit-MICXYZ-128"


  • I also tried to parse with the - separator, but to no avail.

    You need to use - as the separator because that's what you are using in the sample name.

    And you need to select the part of the name that represents the mic position, currently you have selected LudwigBlackBeauty which is why it's showing one channel found in the Status window.

  • done, still gives me just LudwigBlackBeauty14x6 as the only token.


  • @Giulio-Grassia Send me a pair of samples, one from each mic position.


    added two more samples, for further testing.

  • Thanks. There are two problems with your sample names.

    They have a . in the name, this causes some issue, I guess it's because usually what comes after a . is a file extension.

    The second problem is your names have a different number of segments, they are not the same.

    If you have a name like this segment1-segment2-segment3.wav and a name segment1-segment3.wav the mic merge won't work. They need to have the same number of segments.

  • Gotcha. Thanks a bunch!

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