The world of HISE

  • Hi, as I occasionally - accidentally write in my mother tongue,
    which has already contributed to the amusement here.
    When I write about complex topics, I like to translate the pages from Goggle.
    I don't immediately notice that German words have crept in.

    On this occasion, however, it is perhaps quite interesting to see how far the world of HISE reaches.

    So whoever wants to introduce himself and where he comes from:

    Hi, I'm MikeB, 61, GraphicDesigner - 3D Animation, Berlin Germany

  • @MikeB

    Dave, 34, UK, doer of many things.

  • @MikeB
    Ulrik 62, freelance musician, piano and accordion teacher, Stockholm Sweden

  • @MikeB
    32, bedroom producer and graphic designer, germany

  • @MikeB

    Beyhan, 38, Turkey.

    Chemical engineer MSc, Mixing engineer, Graphic designer, Music Producer (Electronic Music & Trailer Soundtracks)

  • @MikeB

    Pol, 38 años, México

    Graphic Arts, and student of all of you 🙂

    Greetings everyone!

  • Natan Rezaei,
    33, Full-Time Audio Plugin Developer, Musician, Graphist / UAE Atm
    Okey. And Married 🙂 LOL
    "Wifey Shouting At Me To Let You Guys Know That"

  • @MikeB
    Greg, 43, France, aeronautic engineer around the world, recently reconverted to a sound engineer, reconverting to a plug-in developer…

  • Hi, Alessandro, 47, Italian composer/pianist - sound engineer 🙂

  • Hi, my name is Tania Ghosh, 38, from Mumbai, India . Civil Engineer and Msc Electronics. Singer. Audio Electronics PCB and Speakers Manufacturer (Owner). Interested in Audio Software Plugins Developments, GUI and Sound Design. Along with VFX and Multimedia artist and tutor. I am married having two children.

  • Hi everyone. Mathieu from France, 37. Musician, bedroom producer, intermediate graphic designer and developer. Still learning and getting better thanks to all of you ! 🙏

  • @MikeB -- Lindon, Hull UK, Audio Developer, before that I worked in Telecommunications (real time and all that - not as complicated as it sounds) and before that I was a record producer....before that I was a starving/failing musician.

  • Ilir Bajri, 52, musician from Prishtina, Republic of Kosova.

  • Urs, lives in between The Hague and Lucerne, 40, pianist, composer | sound designer, and more recently, seriously dabbling around in audio development 😃💪🥳

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fun to learn about everyone here!

    Casey, 27, Los Angeles

    Film Composer, Producer, and Programmer 🤓

  • I love the amazing variety of backgrounds we all have on here! It’s a pleasure to virtually meet you all 🙂

    Brian here - I am a Video game and film composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer, 42 yrs old and based in Montreal.

    I am very much inspired very much by nature and ancient cultures, and how we can transmit and transform them musically using interactive technologies in a conscious way.

  • @MikeB My Name is Glyn Im from near London UK and im 40 years old. I work as an Engineer for a security systems manufacturer. (delightfully dyslexic) Musician since 13. When i grow up, ide like to be an audio developer 😉

  • Hello, my name is Robert, 22 and Italian. Aspirant Audio Programmer and Developer.

  • Greetings Everyone, DJ IMPERIAL SCRATCH WIZARD from The Southeast, US. I'm new here and could really use some help, worded in simple language for an HISE novice.
    I recently purchase two plug-ins from Pyrit Sounds. (West Coast Grammy and Infinit Keyz-Pyrit and Sosa. I've the installed both players in my DAW which is Logic ProX 10.4.8/Macbook Pro X 2013 Unlike most other 3rd party plug-ins I've bought, it's not simple for me to get these particular samples to play through the players. Plz help. Thx

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