3 improvement suggestions for MPE-modulator

  • Going through all dynamic layers with loudness and timber changes would make many acoustic instruments sound much more realistic. And of course MPE’s property to change volume after voice has started and each individual chord notes loudness/pitch (vibrato) is essential to realism (think of wind instrument section playing a nice chord with dynamics (swell) crescendo→fff→decrescendo).

    Other two suggestions are not so important.

    I drew a picture to clarify my thinking

    Improvements for MPE modulator.png

    The idea here is that one can throw bunch of own multilayer samples in Sampler-module which is part of ready-made base HISE project that includes all the bells and whistles one can wish for (minus your own samples) and soon you can start playing using MPE gestures and everything would work automagically and sound nice and dynamic!.

    Round robin group xfades are rather laborious to do and sfz imports have mainly failed (crash or otherwise).

  • This post is deleted!

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