Hise crash expansion

  • hi everyone, i am having a little problem with the extensions. I create my sample map, export everything to ch1 and work. but from time to time, whether in the compiled plugin or directly in hise, when I load a preset (the preset also loads a sample map extension), hise or the vst crashes suddenly, as if a major error was there. however i have no problem with my other expansions. in all, I have 5 expansions. as if I had reached the saturation of the number of extensions or sample maps. my first 3 extensions are about 1 year old (scriptnode). the last 2 date of the last scriptnode version before the merge (1 month). my system is the basic system with extensions. sample Wave converted to sample ch1 + sample map and all grouped together in hxi and hr1. the presets were made without adding buttons or modification after the creation of the vst. is this a problem with my version of scriptnode? which branch and the most stable? Thank you

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