The MIDI Player does not work when the plugin window is closed

  • I did not put the post in the Bug Reports category , because I am not sure that this is not a feature of the midi player.
    I am using the Midi Player in my project as a midi loops player. I have a midi file that has 7 tracks. Each track is started with an individual key. And everything works great as long as the vst plugin window is open (in DAW). But when I close the plugin window, the keys no longer start playing loops.
    If I open the plugin window everything works fine again.
    I tested this in the StudioOne and Ableton on Win10.

    I searched the forum but could not find anything similar.
    I will be grateful for any help, I do not understand at all where I should start to solve this. 😧

  • As I expected, this was not a bug. It's all about my inexperience.
    I put all the midi processing logic in a separate processor script and now everything works fine.
    I'll just leave it here for the same beginners like me 😅

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