Changing Different Instruments

  • Hi, I have a project where I am going to implement 4 different Instruments, but I want to navigate between them from a Presets tab. I have seen forum threads where they explain it, but they do it with Samplemaps. In my case, it would be to switch between complete Containers, since each instrument contains several Samplemaps and Samplers. I will leave an image of what 1 Instrument looks like.


  • You can bypass and unbypass containers via scripting. You can also use MIDI muters to prevent MIDI data going to specific containers and this can also be controlled with scripting.

  • This is how I'd do it.

    The combobox bypasses all containers except the selected one (ignoring the main container of course). It also blocks MIDI from entering all containers except the selected one.

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  • Thank you very much, that's what I needed!

  • @d-healey Thinking again about this solution, I have noticed that changing instruments would not change the interface that I have created for each Preset, since each instrument has different names and buttons. Is there a way to do this?

  • @Felipe-Flores Do you mean changing the graphics or changing which controls are displayed?

  • I will try to summarize it. I have 4 different instruments and each one has Gain and Pan, but the interface of each one is different. I need that when the instrument is changed, the graphic interface will also change as I have customized it with buttons in different positions. Besides that, each instrument has different settings.

  • You can't change images once the plugin is compiled, unless those images are used by other controls on the UI. So if you want to "change" images you'll need to have multiple sets of controls that you show/hide depending on the instrument that's been selected.

  • @d-healey Ok. I get the point, then. For Example.

    I could create a Panel (With the buttons and sliders inside it) that encompasses the entire interface and connect it to Container1 using some kind of command so that it disappears when switching to Container2? and in this way, the other Panel corresponding to the next Instrument (Container2) would appear?

  • @Felipe-Flores Take a look at my tabbed interfaces tutorial.

  • @d-healey I just watched your videotutorial, Thank you, it's great. Could this be done with a ComboBox? Because now I need each button to activate and deactivate the Containers as you explained before.

  • @Felipe-Flores Yes use the value of the combo box instead of the button index.

  • @d-healey Thank you very much, your help has been very valuable to me.

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