Community plugin project

  • To anyone who is interested:

    I would like to make a plugin with some of you.
    You may ask which kind of plugin it would be.
    Well, it could be anything.

    And it wouldn't be the best start point
    if I would say what we could do.

    But to show what I could do..

    Short info about me:
    +Sounddesign, Music Production, GUI Design, Concept Art, Prototyping
    -Scripting, English grammar (Should be no problem for communication)

    More infos about me:
    (Skip if you prefer short info)

    • Mindset
      I ..
      ..would describe myself as an audiovisual hybrid artist
      ..see VST-Development as an art, too freedom of knowledge, software etc..
      ..can work on my own
      ..prefer collaborative work for some reason 🧠
      (any music collab I was involved to, had an unexpected
      but satisfying and inspiring result)

    • Sounddesign and music production skills

    I'm a non-professional producer for almost 15 years now.
    Working with FL Studio but I'm conform with any type of making noise.

    • Graphic design skills

    Using Affinity Photo/Designer, Blender, Knobman and a lot of free software

    • HISE skills

    I'm good with the Interface Designer
    and in finding/copying/editing code to fit most of my needs.
    While I do unterstand most of the logic behind simple codes,
    I feel like there must be 👽 when it comes to really complex stuff.
    In Unreal Engine I did some things with visual programming.
    It was a help to get an idea of how things work.

    And it was not the reason to make this collab
    but for now my coding skills feel like zero.

    Using HISE regulary for almost a year (downloaded earlier)
    I've made 5 plugin prototypes in this time - all in heavy production
    Would like to learn more about it.

    No need to introduce yourself like I did!
    Just let me know what you can and can't do.

    To make it simple I'll give you a example:

    Hey, what a good idea! I would love to be part of this awesome project 🙂
    -GUI Design, finalizing my Tracks xD

    (Just kidding here..)

    Project files: (needs a lot of cleanup)



    I'm interested, if somebody comes up with a good idea.

    A good idea to me would be a plugin that does one job, is fairly simple, and is useful to a lot of people doing different types of audio work.

    BTW HISE uses HISE Script (which is similar to Javascript), not C++ (although you can use C++ too if you want to).

  • @d-healey
    Ohh, thanks for entering and for correcting me!
    I agree on what you said.
    And I think there are a lot of things we could do.
    Imagination>Knowledge, as long it is doable.
    But I would make a poll for this or something,
    because this decision is the first part of collaborating.
    We don't need a team of 10 to launch this project 🙂

  • @UD-AUDIO said in Community plugin project:

    Using Affinity Photo/Designer, Blender, Knobman and a lot of free soft

    I am interested as well 🙂
    Could do GUI stuff possibly as I am strongest there but can make some stuff in Scriptnode as well.

  • @lalalandsynth
    Very nice! I was hoping you would take part of it 🙂
    Glad, you do! Saw your GUI references yesterday
    and instantly made an account on your website.
    We are both team GUI.

    I don't expect you to be my sensei,
    but I would love to see your workflow.

  • @UD-AUDIO Thanks mate , I mostly work in Blender and photoshop so if you have any questions just ask 🙂

  • @lalalandsynth Thank you, too!
    I work in Blender and Affinity Photo/Designer (if you didn't read the about me)

    Affinity can read .psd files, so we can share them if needed.
    Since Adobe has implemented the subscription system,
    their software is not an option for me anymore.
    Just because I'm a non-commercial designer for now.
    But I'm conform with how it works.
    And Affinity is almost identical in many things.

  • @lalalandsynth

    1. Details like those are sick and I thought of exactly the same form a few days ago!
      I love anything from complex alientech optic 👽
      to minimalistic and modern or classic and of course experimental designs
    2. The texture and animation here are so good, even if it was an easy thing.

    I think it wouldn't make much sense if we build a minimalistic GUI this time.

  • @UD-AUDIO said in Community plugin project:

    k it wouldn't make much sense if we build a minimalistic GUI this time.

    I have been looking into combining vector graphics with pngs lately , was using Afterfx to Rlottie via Bodymovin , then overlay stuff like shadows and finer details that would be static single images , trying to make vector graphics that dont look exactly like vector graphics.

    Maybe try something like that for this plug?
    Or go all in on the 3D stuff 😉

    It seems that plugins are moving away from 3D/realistic designs and into more orthographic vector design although personally for the time being they have started to look very much the same no matter the developer , some stand out though like Klevgrand , very nice vector designs.

  • Should this be an "effect" or instrument ?
    Also , could be a smart move to implement a feature that tackles "issues" in Hise or something that would create a future asset for the ones involved.

    In that case I would propose a simple bass synthesizer , that could behave as a vintage synth , monophonic envelopes, Low or High priority notes, portamento and old school modulation.

    Also , FX switching.

    Currently , this is hard to do in Hise 😉

  • @lalalandsynth said in Community plugin project:

    Maybe try something like that for this plug?

    Sounds good to me!

    Or go all in on the 3D stuff 😉

    I moved from 2D only to 2D/3D design, so I go all in here.
    Things in my mind like a hollow cube with elements on any side.
    And the ability to rotate the cube..

    Futuristic! Just speaking of what is possible.

    We didn't decide anything for now.
    But the syntheziser idea is nice.

    For my other plugins I plan to implement FX switching, too.
    But like you said: Not that easy

  • This post is deleted!

  • @d-healey @lalalandsynth
    Would you use github/trello for management? I can handle it.

  • @UD-AUDIO Yes, github

  • @d-healey Send your github names in chat if you want me to give you access.
    Got zero experience using it in a team.
    But I know how it works and the desktop app is installed 😉
    Used it for my other plugins. If you are gitpro, I won't stand in the way..

  • @UD-AUDIO My github name is "davidhealey"

  • @d-healey

    Those "issues" are from my other repository. Do you know a way to duplicate them?
    I think it would be nice to have some of them in our project.
    But we also can start empty..

  • @UD-AUDIO Let's start empty, and decide what we're going to make.

  • @d-healey Alright!

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