In need of opinions, advices and suggestions - HISE in music festival programme

  • Hi everyone.

    I have been comissioned by a music festival ( to create a program/event that will provide for music students and music enthusiast means to experience and use digital technology tools on their creative work processes.

    Of course i immediately thought of HISE as a great tool for this purpouse. In short, my initial idea is to present the platform to attendies of the program and have them learn it and use it for building their own instruments/tools during a week of courses/workshops and prepare a public performance of their creations.

    Would appreciate very much your input, thoughts, suggestions in this regard. It would be great if it would be possible to involve HISE forum in this thing - if in any way possible. I'm sure that advices and help would be invaluable and it would add that exciting online collaboration/communication dimension. Kind of "workshop is under the care and support from HISE forum" thing that would be also presented and officialy supported by festival - since i am free to ask for anything of that sort.

    Anyway, the festival will take place in september - so there is time to prepare for it, though i have to finish my proposal as soon as possible.

    looking forward to any input,


  • Would you want them to have to setup compilers? I think it would be a good idea to just provide them with prebuilt binaries of the latest scriptnode branch.

  • @d-healey Yes, I agree, it would be much better.

  • Along with the Compiled binary send all @d-healey David Healey's Tutorials. This will be an extra push towards rapid learning.

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