New API docs available

  • Hi everybody,

    I've just added a few autogenerated API docs for different use cases on the website:

    • the Scripting API (which is a mirror of the autocomplete entries and the API browser in HISE, but it's there for convenience)
    • the DSP API if you want to create additional C++ modules (it was there already, but I've rebuilt it and added the link)
    • the FloatingTile API which contains information how to use the FloatingTile system on plugin interface in order to add additional widgets.
    • The C++ API for the complete HISE codebase. This is not intended to be a useful reference for non C++ developers, but there are some hidden gems in it. Consider it one level above browsing the actual source code 🙂

    These docs are all autogenerated from the source code and will be regularly updated to reflect the latest state of HISE from now on.

  • What about docs for adding custom filters? From my understanding of other scripting engines: They treat the filters (low pass, moog, ladder, etc...) as regular FX modules, but are able to apply the per voice triggering, and voices programming necessary for envelopes in the scripting portion. This way, someone could just code the filter using the DSP API and use the scripting to make it into a correct modulatable module.

  • Custom filters using scripting is a bit difficult, because the overhead of the scripting engine starts to play a role for polyphonic materials, but I am thinking about a different way of adding additional filter algorithms to the current HISE filter.

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