Need Video and Example Code….

  • I have invited 3-4 devs to learn HISE and all of them asked for either an instructional video or a demo code, or sample projects with code.

    This would help new devs get up very fast and going.

  • Totally agreeing with you here. Most of the documentation is pretty advanced and it lacks some "Getting Started" info.

    My time resources are pretty limited right now, but I could try to write a blog entry which is a step by step instruction to create a basic sample library and export it as plugin.

  • OK I started a tutorial that guides you through the steps of building a library. The first two parts are online (the rest are coming soon).

  • I will be working on some YouTube video tutorials for HISE and will also produce some premium videos like the ones I made for Kontakt once I've built a few commercial projects with it and it's reached at least version 1. This is a great bit of software and I think some video tutorials will really encourage people to get on board with it.

  • This is great. Documentation is definitely an area where I can need additional man power so any help will be much appreciated.

    FYI I am planning to release version 1 within the next few months (maybe just before the ADC2016 where I am doing a presentation about the Javascript engine improvements).

  • @d.healey
    Indeed, video documentation and instrument showcase would be very welcome !

  • YES where are the videos to help a newb get started? 🙂

  • What would a newbie like to know? Tell me your priorities and I'll make you a little video as soon as I have time (hopefully this week).

  • There will also be a video version of the tutorial on the web site, but I would not count on it within the next weeks...

  • Here's a clip showing the kind of stuff I'm working on in HISE. I'm using a combination of key switches, mouse clicks, and sustain pedal to switch between various articulations, I have a hierarchy of scripts that carry out little tasks to create the correct effects or trigger the right articulations. There are still a few things to smooth out with this articulation switcher script and a couple more features to add but it's almost complete.

  • Alright, the first video teasers are online. They are also on the HISE landing page but in case you missed it:

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