Preset Browser does not save the AudioLoopPlayer snapshot

  • Hello!.,
    I am having problems to preserve the configuration of the presets that I am designing using audio loop player, all the components save the configuration very well, only the sample that I select from the AudioFiles folder is not loaded in the presets, within Hise it is they save the changes well the problem comes when exporting the VST Instrument., I thought the problem was in activating Save in Presets and I checked and it seems that everything is fine there


    The samples are exchanged perfectly with the selector which is based on a Knob where the audio file is assigned., Hide it in a panel so that only the number is visible and not the entire knob., In the panel also activate saveinPreset then within HI everything is fine but when exporting the Plugin all presets are loaded with sample 1
    Any advice that friends can give me? 😄

  • David has made a video.
    It was - I think from the middle - about creating a default preset.
    Maybe this will help you?

  • Thanks so much @MikeB !, David's videos are a blast for newbies like me, 😊
    I'm going to study it and I think it may be the solution to this problem. 😃

  • This script is incredible. I leave it in the post in case it helps someone., I already saw how to add buttons to navigate in the presets but I still have the problem in Audio loop player, all the synth configuration is set well In preset the problem comes when loading the sample in Audio loop player it always stays in sample 1 in all presets and I don't know what the LOOP button is active. I'm sure I'm missing some function but I don't know what it is 😁 , it is frustrating because practically the complement is already finished 😅

    display name presets whit label
    inline function onKnobpresetControl(component, value)
    	if (Engine.getCurrentUserPresetName() == "")
    	    Content.getComponent("Name").set("text", "Clean");
    	    Content.getComponent("Name").set("text", Engine.getCurrentUserPresetName());

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