Cursed note 89

  • Had this popup a few times over the last few weeks.

    I think it has something to do with the arpeggiator, I don't remember the first few times, but just today I added a button to control the Hold parameter of the Arp, and connected that button to CC64 (Sustain Pedal). I don't have a sustain pedal to test it, but I believe it works correctly, as turning the button On sustains the notes in the arp.

    The strange issue, however, is that now whenever I click a GUI element (doesn't matter which), and also on loading the instrument in a DAW/hitting Compile, the player decides to play note 89 and sticks it.

    The even stranger issue is that even if I bypass the arp (using the Module's bypass, not the Arp-specific bypass), it still does it. It's like some weird ghost note that only plays note 89 whenever I click or do anything.

    I've looked around and there's no Synth.playNote(89) anywhere. The only playNotes I have are expansion specific and aren't called when no expansion is loaded, and as previously mentioned this issue occurs before any expansion-loading has occurred.

    I also dug around the source code for the Arp and there's nothing there that should be doing it. This has occurred over multiple versions of Scriptnode.

    I also also unplugged my MIDI keyboard and the issue still occurs*.

    Has anyone else encountered the cursed note 89? 👻

    Edit: I have a Console.print(note) in the NoteOn callback. That's how I can see which note number it is, so it's occurring on init or some time before NoteOn.

    Update: Okay I've removed the arp, and all script references for it, and the issue still occurs. So I guess it's unrelated to the arpeggiator. Still NO IDEA where it is but 😲

    Update #2: Clicking on anywhere on the GUI, not just a control, triggers the note.

    Update #3: Disabling the default MIDI Interface processor does not resolve the issue.

    Update #4: Clean install of HISE seems to have fixed it, will post here again if it comes back 🙂

  • @iamlamprey You can check with a midi tool (MIDI Monitor on macOS) if your keyboard isn't sending a note permanently like a bug or anything related to an unwanted note generation within the computer...
    For instance, my keyboard permanently sends a modulation CC, I have to fix this once for all 🙄

  • @ustk I'm on windows but I'll shop around 😉 thanks

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