Sample export problem

  • hello, I have a problem with the export sample option in hr1. i have 5 expansion based on sample.4 expansion got exported in hr1 its problem and works fine with installer. an expansion does not want to export to hr1. this expansion was encoded in hxi like the others. it works in the compiled plugin when I move the folder for this expansion into app data .... but impossible to expose it in hr1. it is about 5 gigabytes in size and so are the others. when i export. I have the success message. but in my export file, the hr1 (there is only one and not several), is only 150kb. an idea? I tried to change the name without a space. nothing does.

  • If ever this problem happens to one of you, I have found the solution.
    tools / update Sample map ids based on file names.

    I had a few examples of cards that didn't have the same name as the sample. stupid error

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