How to send triggered notes (script) to different samplers simultaneously??? (Solved)

  • I have different scripted note triggers that are targeting 3 different samplers to play different stuff at the same time... So sequence no. 1 should only to sampler no.1, Sequence no. 2 should only be sent to sampler no.2, etc.

    For the triggering, I am using the Synth.playNoteWithStartOffset, in which I can specify the midi channel for each of them. I simply set the offset at the end to 0 since I don't really need that.

    In the samplers, I am using a Midi Channel Setter for each of them. But this doesn't seem to work. The midi still gets sent to all 3 of them, so all the samplers play all the sequences at the same time.... What a mess!!

    Is there a way to achieve this?

    Thanks for any advice on this!



  • @UrsBollhalder Ok. So this seems to be getting a habit here... Me answering my own questions... 🙈 But the Midi Channel Filter processor seems to do the trick! In hope this might be helpful to others, I'll leave it here!

  • Add a separate script to each sampler.

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