Array Modulator documentation

  • I was getting into all kinds of interesting modulation possibilities in HISE last night with slider packs, arpeggiators, lfos... Nothing new under the sun of course, but this HISE thing just keeps blowing my mind! 🤯

    I was wondering how it is possible to assign slider packs to modulators and stuff? So I tried assigning a slider pack to an LFO Modulator just by hooking it up in the property editor of the interface designer. But that didn't really work out as planned. So my question is how to go about this? Assigning a slider pack to a modulator... Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Also, I couldn't find anything on array modulators in the documentation. Is this being used by you guys and girls? From what I can gather it is reacting to the midi note numbers. Also hitting esc-key in the scripting editor brings up all kinds of stuff. I'd be interested to hear what kind of stuff you are using this for, if so...

    As always your inputs and suggestions are really appreciated!

    Have a great start into this week!


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