New beginning - new questions

  • Hello all,

    after a longer absence I am now again tinkering with my new PlugIns.

    Three questions have arisen here:

    1. where can I find the latest HISE version - not the 2.1 from 2018 but the current one from 2021?

    2. is it possible to randomize the note/velocity and length of the arpeggiator by script - i.e. to add a random button?

    3. in the new knob from Christoph ( ) there is a variable (nv) that shows the value of the knob. How can I set this value from step size 0.01 to 1 and display the result in integers? Or to write the result with integer in a separate label?

    It's nice to be here again 🙂

  • Hello,

    1. The current version is the Scriptnode branch.
    2. Yes.
    3. What's the reason for displaying a value that's different to the knob's value?

  • Hi David,

    that was fast - thanks for your answer.
    I have also rejoined your Patreon page as I find your work valuable and extremely helpful.

    to 1. ok - thank you - that's funny - he was last year as well

    to 2. is there a snippet or tutorial here?

    to 3. well the controller shows e.g. 1.23333333
    but i would need an integer
    With a system generated knob I can set all this in the properties - with a programmed one this is missing.

  • Scriptnode is the new Master 😛 until HISE 3 is ready at least

    1. Nope, but you can use the Math.randInt() function to generate a random number and apply it to whichever attribute of the arp that you'd like.

    2. I still don't quite understand what you're trying to do here. When you say the controller shows... do you mean the knob? If you want it to have an integer range you could change the range of the knob and the step size.

    1. if you look at the knob from Christoph (see link above) this is created with PaintRoutine - it has no changeable value stepSize. With each movement a decimal number is generated which cannot be changed with round/ceil or other into an integer.
      The variable in the script is called (nv);

    i want a integer from 0 to127 for example

  • @MikeB Don't use the knob from that example. Christoph was just demoing an idea for the new default knob in HISE. If you want to make a custom knob then use the custom look and feel methods. So add a knob/slider, set the range to 0-127 and step size to 1, then style it however you like.

  • Ok thanks - i will try it

  • @MikeB
    to create pretty buttons take this or the knobman software for 2d. otherwise the 3d version is very efficient

  • @yall Thanks - i know knobman - but I would rather use vector over LAF

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