SideChain Gain LFO Bug

  • Here are the few bugs found in Gain Modulation>LFO Modulator + Table

    • lfo doesn't start exactly at the start of a bar
    • spline's slope sometimes goes into the opposite direction when scrolled than usual
    • start- and end-points of the spline can be set to not be the same which is prone for discontinuities
    • when clicking the start- or end point that can create a new point which can't be deleted anymore then
    • decrease in volume when sidechain dialed in without a way to compensate
    • not a bug but strongly suggested: add a way to retrigger the lfo manually. especially useful for 3/16th rhythms and stuff

    Found these when tried to make SideChain LFO with table.

  • @Tania-Ghosh I did one last year and I abandoned the idea of ​​doing it with a gain because the gain itself has a latency. it does not cut clean when you reset, it leaves a little slack. I did it with another volume knob. I'll tell you which one. it worked but was only in sync if the daw project started from the beginning. but what is certain is that to make a "sidechain" avoid the gain modulation of the Gain.

  • @yall Correct 👍

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