Need advice on How to ship Sample Based Instrumnets

  • Hey folks
    Hope you enjoy your day

    Need a little advice here on how to make a sample based Instrumnets and how ro ship the Samples!

    And Details about how this Gonna Work is much appreciated 👏

    And how I need to make the instrumnet?
    For example:
    1-making the engine
    2-importing my samples into the sampler
    3- Exporting sample maps
    4- Now Export sample maps to ....?

    Thank you

  • @Natan when you have created your sample maps, export your samples in .ch1 format (directly from the sampler) . create your vst in hise, the player will be the sampler. you can obviously load your samples using the preset panel. for the end user simply click on export your samples in compressed .hr1 format. when opening your vst the first time it will ask to install the samples. it happens almost automatically. to load your samples from your preset panel for example, you will find everything you need here. I think all subjects have already been discussed here.

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