3 Quick Questions about Expansions!

  • @iamlamprey Tahnks so much, i figured it out 🙂

  • Hi guys. quick question for me as well. My projects is a synth so I dont have samples. However I want to be able to create user presets expansions. How can I do it?

  • @nesta99 it looks like you just provided a preset folder. without using the extension option of the preset browser

  • @yall Ok well , what about creating user presets to share to other people? Is that possible?

  • @nesta99 I do not understand your request. surely the corrector interprets differently. the extensions you can do them with the new way of making extensions but that is of no interest since if your vst is only a synth. you create your brower preset in 3 columns. column 1 / name of the bank. colone 2 / kind column 3 / preset. So if you have to share an "extension" you can share the folder including column 1 2 3. in fact your synth is based only on the preset. later if you want to use the .hxi extension format, it will come back to the same thing since when you open a .hxi extension for the first time, it automatically creates the preset folder in app data. so it comes back to the same. concerning user presets, if you leave the possibility of creating presets they will be able to do it without problem otherwise remove the options in the preset panel. I don't know if I answered correctly. I'm trying to help 🙂

  • @nesta99 Users will be able to swap presets. to see if you want to block at some point, I think you have to change the Version of your vst. and update. to check

  • @yall Uhm.. Think I might explain myself well then. when i will share my synth to everyone, the synth will have like 20 built in sounds preset (in the preset browser). What I want is to create other 5 new sounds presets (that are saved on the preset browser), and send to the end user as an expansion pack. So in this case I want to create in the vst a function that loads a folder with these new sound preset, (maybe in the bottom part of the preset browser there will be a button like "load new presets") and will open your computer file and let the user select the folder containing the 5 sounds preset I made. Hope its clear. thanks man

  • You can save and load sets of presets through the preset browser (click the More button).

  • @d-healey Ok thanks David. Actually the user preset is done with custom law. so It doesn't have the "More" button. How can I recreate it please? Thanks.

  • @nesta99 I believe the button is called "more". you see it by default at the top of the preset browser and you have the import preset section or something like that. otherwise vius can create a button which takes the user to the roaming or app data folder and the user will only have to copy the presets. but the option via the browser is much faster

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