About after touch controller number

  • I have tried to get midi controller number of after touch and range of its value. Here is code snippet that I have tried.
    When I change pitch scroll, the value for midi CC number 129 is changing. But I can't guess its exact value range.
    And also I can't be sure CC number 128 is just for after touch or not and how much its value range is.
    Please let me know about these things asap.
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    I just took a look at the HISE source code and it's definitely number 128 (and it receives both channel pressure as well as polyphonic aftertouch, however it converts the polyphonic aftertouch to a monophonic signal by taking the max value from each key).

    Not sure what you mean with range, it maps the standard 0...127 MIDI range to the default modulator range.

    However I have rewritten the MIDI handling some time ago so it might be possible that the aftertouch messages do not get passed through properly. I don't have a MIDI controller that sends aftertouch with me.

  • I can find that the value of MIDI CC 129 goes near 16384 as maximum when I change pitch wheel. How about the maximum value of MIDI CC 128?

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    yes, the pitch wheel uses 14bit resolution = +16384. Aftertouch is 7 bit.

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