Round Robin per sampler

  • Hey guys,
    I just realized a shortcoming of the built-in round robin- it progresses regardless of whether a note present in the sampler exists or not. Here is the problem:

    Say you have 3 samplers and each one them has a single note mapped (A, B, and C) and has 3 round-robin groups. Every time any note is triggered, the round-robin counter progresses. So, if you were to play notes A, B, C, A, B, C... then always note A=RR1, B=RR2, and C=RR3. Therefore the round-robin would not work.

    I came up with a workaround by placing the following Midi script in each sampler.

    function onNoteOn()
        local number = Message.getNoteNumber();
    	if (!Sampler.isNoteNumberMapped(number))

    To my wonderful amazement, it works.

    Great, but I have a ton of samplers being that they are drums and percussion. Is there a way to apply such logic on a global level, quickly and efficiently?

  • What's wrong with a separate script for each sampler?

  • @d-healey Only the sheer number. 50+ samplers x 16 plugins 🙂

  • @gorangrooves That's a lot of samplers!

    Put all samplers into an array then you can apply the RR to them in a loop. Think I have videos about this on YouTube

  • @d-healey Thanks, Dave. Yes, there a lot. I limit each to only 3-6 voices.
    I will look for your video. Would I be putting the array in the mean script? Your video will cover that, right?

  • @gorangrooves I can't remember exactly what's in my videos 😛

    I wouldn't put it in the main interface script because that script should be deferred and round robin will need to be real-time. So add another script for the RR.

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