Plugin Goes Muted When Reopen Project!

  • Hey There

    Facing With an issue, That Puts My Plugin into Mute, When I Reopen the project.
    And I Force to Switch on / Off The Plugin With Abletons's Bypass Button, Then It goes back to normal.

    It has Serial protection
    But Have no idea, what's Going On?

    Any Advice so I can investigate this?
    Thank You

  • Is there any kind of Force refresh Codes, So once the project is loaded, Plugin Forces to Get Refreshed?

  • @Natan the init initialises only once. It sounds like you have a problem with your serial protection. Maybe it is automatically bypassing the main container so a bypass/unbypass from the DAW set it back to normal... because I think it is the main container that is bypassed with the DAW action, but not sure though...
    To check that out, you can for instance put a timer with a flag on the interface to see what happens with the main container bypass, just an idea...

  • @ustk
    I connected A Simple gain to the serial number System,
    I Guess it Refuses Sometimes To Check and Unbypass The Muting Module!!!

  • @ustk Sir, Could you please Take a look at This:

    There is a SimpleGain Module, Which Mutes the Project Every 10 sec For 1.
    It is on Timer.

    It's Just the serial Protection Part:


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