No sound from VST2 or Standalone, VST3 works fine

  • Pretty much as per the title.

    I'm loading the samples from monolithed ch1 files. The sample map xlm files all have SaveMode=2.

    If I delete the AppData*manufacturer* folder, load the VST3 instrument in Reaper, locate the samples, then re-add the instrument, it works fine. If I then delete the AppData folder again, load the VST2 version and do the same thing, no audio plays even after removing and adding the plugin again.

    How should I go about debugging? Been having a great time with HISE so far! It's very satisfying seeing a plugin you made yourself in the VST list.

  • @Zorpley Don't worry about the VST2, you shouldn't release them anyway unless you have a signed agreement with Steinberg. The standalone is easier to debug, make a debug build and run it from the command line, you'll be able to see error messages and warnings printed directly to the console window.

  • I promise I'll stop clogging the forum now. Thank you David as always for your unending help.

    This particular case was user error. I had disabled the main Container so it wouldn't play back while I was testing the vst. So I was exporting the plugin with the main container disabled. Doh.

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