Missing stuff in Hise

  • Hi guys, since I'm new to Hise and scripting, I think I've skipped the process of knowing some basics of Hise , Git, and Github.

    I've just discovered that I do not have the Dsp Console and other things that you guys have (rlottie etc..) and scripting upgrades in the Api.
    I tried to download Git but my current Xcode is depreciated, and High Sierra Cant handle Xcode 10.

    Thinking to upgrade to mojave and restarting everything again.

    What's the correct/full procedure to make everything work correctly?
    Please can someone advice me how to make everything work correctly?

  • @nesta99 I'm on High Sierra with XCode 8.3.3
    rlottie is here for a while, and what do you call DSP console?
    Don't you download the scriptnode branch directly from GitHub? (until you use git to sync)

  • @ustk Thanks man. just found it. Anyway want to be able to learn git.

  • @nesta99 I strongly advise you to use GitHub Desktop, it is much more convenient to use compared to the console... You can do everything you want, except some advanced stuff but honestly, you'll never need more.

  • @ustk Ok, i understand.

    So some days ago i was working on some stuff in the set.PaintRoutine, and I discovered that I wasnt able to to get a Graphics effects ( like boxblur, gaussianblur, drawdropshadow and many many more), then again two days ago I was not able to have some of the code that are in the tutorial (like "Engine.createGlobalScriptLookAndFeel();" and many other scripts), so I wrote this to here in the Forum and @d-healey told me to use Git it to be able to have all the scriptnodes and Hise updated to Date like all of you.

    So if you're telling me that i can have that I can have all of this thru Github then it's great.

  • @nesta99 said in Missing stuff in Hise:
    @d-healey told me to use Git it to be able to have all the scriptnodes and Hise updated to Date like all of you.

    You should use git to manage multiple versions of HISE and your own projects. You can get the latest version of HISE by direct download as a zip file from github (I sent you the link for that). But you'll need to do that every time there is a small change and it won't be easy to change between different versions, which is why I recommended git.

  • @d-healey Ok, that's also a good point..

  • @d-healey Thanks David.

  • @ustk @d-healey I've redownloaded Hise and all the other components like Dsp Module, Hise documentation as well as the text editor. Please how can i add them to Hise? Saw a json file but dont know how to install it.

  • @nesta99 Everything is in the HISE source folder, you don't need to download things separately.

  • @d-healey @ustk yess sorry for my bad mention. What Ive done is downloading The Hise master and build it based on the tutorial.
    What I've also done is to download this other folders (as you can see on the image here)Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 14.14.46.png
    What should I do to integrate them in Hise? Thanks

  • @nesta99 You just need to download the scriptnode branch, not the master branch (it's almost 2 years old), and that's it, you don't need anything else to make Hise compiling. (After that you can integrate the IPP and the VST3/ASIO/AAX SDKs if you need them, but let's be sure you can compile a simple and up to date version first)


  • @nesta99 I told you what do do and gave you the exact link to click to download (same as @ustk shows). You can't take the master branch and add bits and pieces to it, that won't work.

  • @d-healey @ustk I made it guys. Thanks so much for the help and the patience 😄 I'm really greateful.

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