compilation plugin fx problem

  • hello, before posting this message I searched for a long time on the forum but I did not find anything.
    I have 3 computers (windows, windows and 1 mac).
    I can't export a plugin without going through the autogenerate.juce file.
    in hise, the exporter tells me> specified path not found. (or something like this).
    I therefore checked that the hise path folder was pointed out, done, I even downloaded all of the visuals studio modules, reinstalled, recompiled ... impossible.
    moreover, I can export a vst instrument, it works but by exporting an fx plugin, the master vu meters do not work.
    (enable - all peak ... is enabled and in the juce too).
    besides, i get a new error. i have the latest scriptnode version. so my problem is under windows & mac. visual studio 2017 and xcode 10 or 11 (I don't know anymore I don't use it often ^^)

    new error message? > error link2001 .....

    si quelqu'un a eut le meme probleme je veux bien un coup de main 🙂

  • How many copies of the HISE source code do you have on your system?

  • @d-healey only one . Scriptnode
    I am trying to download visual studio community 2019 to have a try. the problem inevitably comes from visual studio. however. the master meter views do not work anywhere, however.

  • @yall I don't think vs2019 will work, needs to be 2015 or 2017

  • @d-healey exact. vS 2019 doesnt work.
    I will still uninstall everything and reinstall everything, we'll see. but regarding the seen put master in fx plugin I'm almost sure it doesn't work

  • problem corrected. for those who will have this problem one day, i made the mistake of installing vs studio 2017 professional when you need the community version. silly thing. Regarding the ipp. the 2019 version works, while the latest version does not. concerning the master meter views, they do not work in fx plugin but only in vst instruments. I still post this message if it can help someone 🙂

  • Where did you manage to get the 2019 IPP installer?

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