draggable filter panel preset problem

  • Hello, I just discovered the draggable filter panel. great thing because i wanted to see this in hise, but how do i save the presets? there is no option, "save in preset". I already have a project with a lot of presets and I thought I could replace my basic eq by the draggable version but suddenly, I can not because of the presets. a solution to be able to redo my eq settings and be able to save them? thank you 🙂

  • Very good question, I need this too.

  • const var eq1 = Synth.getEffect("eq1");


    this is the solution 🙂

  • @d-healey by searching I found this formula that works very well, however, you will have to rewrite all your presets with your new eq setting. the old EQ setting will therefore be obsolete

  • @yall Perfect, thanks. I've just started this project so no presets yet foruntately!

  • @d-healey do you think there is a way to create a button to reset the equalizer? There is the right click option of the Mouse but I would like to directly create a button.

  • @yall Yeah you'd just need to make your button set all of the parameters to default.

  • @d-healey how do i do this please?

  • @yall It will be something like EQ.setAttribute(EQ.AttributeName, value); and you do that for each attribute. The attributes are listed in the module browser when you right-click on a module.

  • it only works for frequency 0.
    how to return all the frequencies to zero? the eq can go up to 1000 frequency point, I can not write 1000 setattribute .... ^^
    you would need a code like eq1.setAttribute (allfreq.eq1.Gain, 0); ^^

  • There's a way to do it, you have to use a band offset, I can't remember the details but if you search the forum (or possibly the docs) you'll find it.

  • @yall One liner reset button:

    HiseSnippet 1362.3ocuW0sahaDE1lDusv1ztqzppdoEWQztKxNjPBMppD.Cgkk.Axer8hUC1Cv.lYL1iyBY0p1dUeU5iwdYk5SPUeIpp58oyXavlD1UoQpK2MemyYNey4WSSahNzwgXKHF+jYVPAwuPp8LLcPwA.DVnZIAwuTpNvgBsk8gJLyB33.MDDEWqBGPL95Bd+9quu.vDf0ggPBBmQP5vWhFingnMyWCYZVFX.OAMNh1amupNAWjXRbY7YMIEAKf9HPe3Q.tZwjDDeflAhRraSATnCSmBDiYsGPdC1W+yPNntlP9AUg1rKxGVn3.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.w3XbofDlfWzI5vWgSqVBPAyuH1cx7iEzlh3QKwRvKYCm8mtDWpDzYDkXwlytnTgMu8N31oKb4OMN+rEGjg4QN0IiY2CvlAKFiBmxtxOSpkVasS3OyEt4gzfIv9torIAPQ39mfXIOty9JonPQc46+gHtL+37uAYPGHHJI9KhBBCfn9Cn7S+ZXX0+890RkrA86CXkGkQlr4gMAXnoP29yW+D+AyChHJbbH50We8OtL5VAJmgC6EuEyI81MRHKmbQZspQxuU9lSMelmNUwFvoLoOWciDuisb7VC9YqeHFtl.5x6j3KeCDvZVVZ3Oe.O1AQmEc47+gEUJqbQk5ppUuiz8wRMQT8AqluwVAeY0r+ey2f09aH4uTKjrqKU9hOw63ex7tvht1WB0lDjiWtfYINcj6X+BWGd88ZrmVA.1PILBl78b.04.+wu2LOGXqk+fMrQlaBrcHvi7LYmPfuwCHa.v6+G4e1CX2adG6cSfb27RUiP087o5Bt9h+92704VjU8VrUcI5Vt7IZXdSsedasO1mKpd2+bQgVDW9zm5.VtfM7QhE8ayZ80grpFLavgWRHFeHi+YE9YNkZC8RJRhr4FWGHTkeVLPn5bgeR7wXftM4059aU3EgetGB6ci89F63rO1mcVdwxDIIkzJBiYe+6q004sFOm0VsZa15dXSl6gMaeOrYm6gMYuG1r68vl89n1v+qGG3RIi8Gax.Zp4ujQLRktv+xW7h6w

  • @ustk
    great it works. thank you so much. however I like to understand when someone shows me something to learn better .. but what does this pile of numbers and letters mean? ^^

    const var eqResetState = "190.3ocMNEjCBBCDbqDN3MeB9DjufHj3AMnk38pcizjRWosnxqWWPYOMSlY1Yp7zMLDHOHRqGdffXYZdu+IVzA62AhUoUJupEidS25hSYv1gGpP.0fPjbruszXinOvoE.ekk0EN0U6OcQRg1DIuLphH6IYKoGjMzKGiSyfKlfg89iHIKMh1.PdiwpqlWVf+6YpOZb2On3c7lKiaVR89aXdix4P6z.V.iQm3alGjDc5IxG99KlMxE+EylEgu.k3QR3C";

  • @yall It is the state of the module. Select the module you want, then Edit ModuleX -> Create Base64 encoded state

  • @ustk I replaced by zero, it works. I wouldn't have a problem you think?

  • @yall Ouch! you pointed out something very strange! Effectively it resets the module whatever you put in fx.restoreState() as long as it is not a valid state...
    I wouldn't play this game though...

  • @ustk
    I put back as you had put in case ^^ I detect a problem, when I reset via the button, the spectrum analizer disappears. It nevertheless remains activated on the eq module. weird

  • @ustk do you know how to assign the equalizer knobs? when I assign I only have the frequency 0 which moves as if it was blocked while on the equalizer module we can create our frequency points and each point is adjusted. gain freq Q ..... but on the plugin, the equalizer remains on the freq 0 🙂 thank u

  • @yall - search the forum - there's a bunch of posts about how to assign knobs to each eq node.

  • @Lindon I have searched everywhere but there is nothing about it. assigning buttons is quite simple but in this case it is beyond my skills. I just want to reproduce the parametric EQ module on the hise interface. but the draggable filter panel does not allow the gain buttons freq, q ... to be automatically selected when I click on a frequency.

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