HISE crashes when changing projects

  • This has been going on for a while with the scriptnode branch on both the plugin and standalone app.
    If a project is opened along with its preset and I try to load a new project, HISE crashes. I am having to close HISE every time before loading a new project in order to avoid this.
    Not sure if it matters, but I am using HIP files to load my project presets.

  • @gorangrooves Yep it is annoying, I get it to crash too when switching projects, especially with scriptnode projects.

    It might not be related, but you should prefer to use XML to save projects, not preset/hip files (dixit Christoph a while ago)
    I've just added a menu 4 days ago to save the XML without the need to "Save as" so it is much faster. you can even use the shortcut CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + S so it is not painful anymore compared to saving presets (CMD/CTRL + S)
    You just have to wait for the pull-request merging...
    For information, importing snippets now benefit from a shortcut too (CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + V)

  • Yeah this has been mentioned before, it's annoying but we've all been living with it 😛 I find it happens more when switching more complex projects.

  • There are 3 options for saving as XML right now. Which one should I use to make sure everything I have in my HIP file gets saved?

    1. Save as XML
    2. Save as XML- NOT WORKING (shift+ctrl+S)
    3. Create recovery XML from HIP

    Will a single XML contain everything in the way a HIP file does?

  • Use 1 for now. 2 will be available soon.

    There's something weird with your version of HISE (or maybe it's a typo). Those labels and shortcuts are wrong:


  • @gorangrooves CTRL + O is for opening an XML, there's no shortcut for "Saving As"

  • My bad with ctrl+o. So, use "Save as XML"?

  • @gorangrooves Yeah do like @d-healey said, Save As XML for now. Then Save XML once Christoph has merged the last pull request

  • Great. Thank you!

  • What's the advantage to Save XML vs Save Preset? I know the XMLs are human-readable, but is there another benefit I'm unaware of?

  • @Lunacy-Audio XML is git readable, which means it can be tracked for version control. If HISE crashes and it corrupts your .hip file there is almost nothing you can do (sometimes the recover to XML works but not always). If an XML gets corrupted you can just open it up and manually fix the problem, or revert to an earlier commit.

    I almost never use .hip except for tests and as an emergency backup (because my twitchy fingers auto press CTRL+S).

  • @d-healey Gotcha. That makes sense. I guess I'm always saving so frequently that I just default to .hip for convenience. Save XML shortcut feature will be dope!

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