HowTo Make The Delay Time Only 1/4 1/8 1/16 ?

  • @Lunacy-Audio Hmmm... When I try someone's Snippets often time it doesn't load. I don't know why. Your last snippet loaded properly.

  • @Tania-Ghosh Must be an issue when you copy the snippet, perhaps you're not selecting all of it.

  • @d-healey I try several times. First double click ,If doesn't load I try Full drag select. But many cases it shows something "No valid container found"

  • @Tania-Ghosh I can confirm the first one loads perfectly fine 😉

  • @ustk Yup... I know, this happens totally on my end. Not only for this snippet but also for other snippets too.

  • @Tania-Ghosh What I'm used to do is click and drag over HiseSnippet just a few letters (for instance His), then dragging the mouse down just a bit to select the entire string. CMD/CTRL + C and done... But the behaviour can be navigator dependent, I don't know...

  • @d-healey Thinking of adding a shortcut in Hise for importing a snippet... What about CMD/CTRL + I, or CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + I?
    I have to check it is not already associated with any sampler action...

  • @ustk Snippet Er.gif I followed your guidance and did it for 2 times but no luck. Here is the screen capture.

  • @Tania-Ghosh Your selection seems to be good so I have absolutely no idea what is going on, especially since this is the first time I hear such a thing on the forum... Are you using a recent version? Maybe some snippet aren't compatible with an older one honestly I don't know

  • @ustk It happens with older snippets too. I am using scriptnode 2.1.0 build Dec 2020 (When I started using HISE)

  • @Tania-Ghosh Can you paste here the same clipboard as the snippet that doesn't work to see if there's any difference? Without copying again in between so I'm sure what I read is what you tried to import...

  • @Lunacy-Audio said in HowTo Make The Delay Time Only 1/4 1/8 1/16 ?:

    HiseSnippet 1091.3ocuVEsaaaCEkxNbo1ctXEnOrGE7SNCoYxwoYEqnHpwNdyqIoF0YAcnnniVh1lKTjdRTIwqn.8w8Is+i9CrOg8GrconrkbrSVfAZcdPg268v6gj26granziFEICQVkNYxXJx5Kw8lHTiZNhvDnNsPV2A2MjFQUn8mLlDEQ8QVVE+AsWqRqgR98O6sOgSDdzLSHzoRlG8PV.SkYsq6yYbdahO8DVPtn2wsimTzTxkw.SJhcPiIdmQFROlnCq.FY8EG3yTxvdJhhFgrVaeo+jdijWHLweJKh0mS0Cpi5ASjwbaI2WyXsUTyQLte2oq3HDLKcyV+EMq+GfOh4ylYOae3qRbXmgH+9gUgahd0ySOmaO8rxQu0Lz693ddgrwpLOZtcWbGghFNf.GA4okIVTg+p.toDhPn1JfbFscHLXFhZ653ro8ibb13IUJWoLbPDorOmDZ6S4jI5CpH6mZ+5p0s6SBqtoc05e61lO6X97Xym56Z91H06t6T8MOI+78bgrOLSSYxPppoLXrT.CpUU6rd0MV.vgj9T90hxr.Sh4pfaoYO.LobVC6fACnd.lDGln0+wDblfZOHV3oXRgsTnSqNcgRdMuo4ZSXR4wzMpT9cUJaC+3ROB2l3+awQJpexjdpNBHkma99TaG68RG7810L+y2X2XC6GZWGxdoDPaA8VOSoBY8iUzZvIwhSogpklscngTqphdoB1oyNkdcRFdiN52mfPCPGa5hoIgy6C8U0laIpCO2h+Xoh9BQsMJ+txkJ+9x1W00fAK0W5jwogK0sleg2DvZh3f9zvo6xSCDp6muwBe8MV4668LUK4BTJ5HXpWLlJtt1MTZIltwKkUPnpj1t6k110iy7ogHFzcsNNojEkP3bBetnetSKhhLcZfYDxxXZnhoW.VsnmCBilt4R3VznyTxwfF2rpZv7+aRubVBc8cmjkchKT4LtG6On4UmCHYwi9Z2KX9pQyL7gNtinrgixjo+vO4FAabm.0W6KuTqifxQt0MjqBNWuWB2tWdKyQQRNJ9qCuZ9+kExeSWcsMbXiAMF3ViETAAsXoeLmnlWfVeqTpCn3ZNkPsZmHholjee4Shp8skt2G2ko7Fsb9VXI7EJn9Ty2z6.qfMZkYjcMb6W8Y9Bu6Z3x53DcvzmhXztmiIslp+cHcPtmZ7.2YNd4bUWnscaSo9ZgvbHbaz3i6M0dd.INNTdQWHgsCo+9r44O+n6OxVvJpk6Qrbca+8dmPgVG3RHu4p7JN+1Wwamr1RN8doLVwDCOh.2f.4EebbPO3UTdT3vSHnbsloUAs5lYridrlD8nB+jA+K7K0Yc8XqTm0m57yRNBHdgx25Yzc00B2IwBrtEIuArD9H8X6YBtXryVNn.3MYu0ySWg9PnjZ4X1dEvzXEvryJf4Qq.lcWALe2Jf4w2HF8ygeVrRFXTu.CcOH4hOKqCDDn5Mo8D8eHMFOUA

    Thank You Mate, Much Appreciated 🙂 👏

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