Raw plugin parameters, automation, and macros

  • Re: ExternalFloatingTile with parameter plugin state saving

    @Christoph-Hart I have a nice raw C++ project using the VCSL example.

    My knobs use UIConnections to hook up to Processor Attributes. I have my own preset setup using the addToUserPreset method. I’m adding parameters for the host to use as you do in the VCSL example.

    1. That approach does not allow the UI to update the host parameters. Only the host parameter updates change the UI as their bound to the same attribute. Is there an example where I would call setValueNotifyingHost as well instead or in addition to using UIConnection?

    2. I had to add some methods to use macros. Is there an example of a macro being a Plugin parameter? All the PluginProcessorParameters seem to end up calling setAttribute rather than setMacroControl, and I want the user to automate the macro control, not the individual parameters of the macro.

    3. is it possible to put the setIntensity values of pitch modulators into the preset to load? That method is not a parameter attribute of a modulator, just a public method to call on the modulators. And the Data template specializations used in the preset don’t have a version for those.

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