How to Export/Compile VST from Hise with Steinberg VSTSDK

  • I am new in Hise. My noob question is how to compile a VST32/64 from Hise. I saw the two official videos and saw david healey's Building HISE from source video. But it could not solve my problem. Few months back I requested David to make getting started videos. Frankly there is no learning materials for Hise. I believe Hise is very powerful. But pls make some videos for people like me. I have downloaded VSTSDK32 and 64 but where to put? If I don't like to make hise from source and if I want to use the Hise website version (instead of Github source code)then where should I place steinberg VSTSDK? How to compile VST32/64?

  • Hi rdgaudio,

    Welcome to HISE!

    I think you will not come around to install a few tools to get a compiled version of a plugin. You at least need to get the HISE Source Code, the VST- and ASIO SDKs and an IDE (VS15 or XCode) and optionally the Intel IPP Library. In the Tutorial 5 you can find a thorough explanation of the whole process.

    I know that this is the on-step-further-into-the-programming-realm that many dont want to take, but actually its not too difficult, and definitely worth a try 🙂


  • Yes, some news tutorials just got released, check Tutorials section 😉

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