Intel or ryzen?

  • Hello, my question does not concern hise directly ... i want to buy a new laptop pc. huawei are really not bad for having tried ... short. quick question, hise, juce, visual studio does it still work? the process is a ryzen 5. the intel primitive performance too? sorry for this stupid question but as I do not know much about it I prefer to ask my favorite community 🙂

  • If you get an Intel get a model you can disable the ME on.

  • @yall Sure Intel 🙂

  • @d-healey Intresting
    What This Disable ME On Intel Actually Do?

  • @Natan The Intel ME is a separate computer on your CPU that can access almost every part of your hardware (including network stack). It runs while your computer is in stand-by as well as when you're using it. It's basically a big backdoor that Intel, anyone they give access to, and crackers can exploit.

    The US government decided they didn't like the sound of Intel being able to snoop on them so they asked Intel to add a secret off switch, someone figured out it was there and now we can use it too by running me_cleaner. If you're lucky me_cleaner will also be able to remove a lot (but not all) of the me code, some of it is necessary for boot up so can't be removed. I can't remove it on my CPU unfortunately but I have disabled it. Lots more info at the me_cleaner site.

    AMD has a similar thing called PSP but no-one quite knows what it does and there is no way to disable it. Some BIOS's have an off switch for it but there is no way to check what it actually does.

  • @d-healey said in Intel or ryzen?:
    Oh Thank You Sir, I Remember Somewhere I Read About That Computers Inside The Intel CPU's Which Can Do Some Nasty Jobs Without A Notice 🙂

    alt text

    Yeah, They Watching Us 🙂 😁
    BTW, If You're Reading This "Big Brother" Can You Fix This Snippet :))) LOL 😂 😂 😂

  • @d-healey I will do this manipulation already on my setup in my studio. but regarding hise juce ..... no problem with ryzen? i have always been with intel but a lot of new pc are working on ryzen. like the last macs that abandoned intel

  • @yall The latest Macs don't use AMD they use their own ARM based chips.

  • @d-healey but I wouldn't have any particular problem with the iPP?

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