Question about Appdata Folder

  • Is using this folder mandatory? I'm using a custom preset browser that saves files a little differently than the native browser so I have to add them into an installer using packages for example and point them to the App Support folder. I want to be able to install the Plugin to the main "Components" folder and the Hise data folder to the Main "Application Support" folder and not the hidden one.

  • @D-Williams23 AppData will always be used for certain files, but you can use the file system API for your preset files to access them from other locations.

  • @d-healey Right. I'll look into that. I just can't figure out why the presets aren't showing up in the compiled plugin. They aren't showing inside of the UserPresets folder (Appdata) of the compiled plugin but they are being saved and showing in the Project Folder on my end before I compile.

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