Convolution Volume Bump :/

  • Hello Music Lovers

    Anyone Got A Workaround To Control The Volume Bump With Convolution Reverb.

    Do I Need To Measure And Lower The Wet Value, Or Normalize The Ir Samples?
    Any Tricks Would Be Much Appreciated


  • @Natan I am not sure but it depends on the way that you capture your irs...
    As far as i know you must record (or export) your ir using the sine wave at the highest volume just right before this way you will get the higher bit depth.
    After that (if you use Voxengo Deconvolver as i do) use ''Reversed technique'' and ''MP Transform'' checked as is shown in the image below


    I had also ridiculous amount of volume in my irs in a way that i needed to set the wet level of the convolution at about -15 db to have a normal sound and if i remember well it was fixed using the ''Reversed technique'' and ''MP Transform'' checked...
    In some point i normalized an ir and the volume was even greater normalize!

  • @DimitrisSP said in Convolution Volume Bump 😕:

    ''Reversed technique'' and ''MP Transform''

    Thank You Dimitri
    Is This Done In Hise >>> ''Reversed technique'' and ''MP Transform''
    Or By Scripting?

    Thanks Man

  • @Natan No my friend!
    If you look at the image i uploaded you will see them.
    The image is from a plugin that i use to create irs...Its called Voxengo Deconvolver and it is free.

    By the way how you create your irs? Which software you use?

  • @DimitrisSP Yeah I Use Deconvolver As Our Friends Here Suggested,
    First Time The Image Was'nt Loaded 🙂 I'll Give It A Try Now 🙂

  • @Natan I wish you success bro...i am almost sure that you will have it!!

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