Linux Manjaro (kde plasma desktop) issue, no open sample folder dialog

  • I have tried my standalone instrument made in Scriptnode branch on lots of linux:es and almost all of them work good. However, on Linux Manjaro 20.2 with KDE Plasma desktop, when you click on the "locate samples folder" button, nothing happens.

    Nothing happens when you click on the button, but the standalone /home/.config/ files (settings, presets etc on Linux systems) are all written fine. Only thing is that the "LinuxLink" file is not present. However, in the settings.xml file the token for "SamplesFound" is "1". That seems to be written before the folder has been found.

    What might be the issue here?
    Is there a workaround?

    Could a user just replace the .config/my-company/my-product/ folder and get another system´s settings to overwrite it and start the plugin/standalone?

    Cause if you just get across the need to choose that in the beginning, you can always go into the plugin´s settings menu and re-locate the samples upon first start.