Lost with presets/banks

  • Hello, I'm new here!
    I'm developping a Oberheim Matrix 12 Rompler with your software.
    I have recorded a lot of samples for each Matrix preset.
    For example 'Typic Brass' has 11 samples. I assembled them with HISE, looped each sound and saved the all as a preset.

    I created a second one, saved too as a preset.
    So now I'm wondering how to join them in an preset player/modifier.

    I read some topics about it, but I musst say I don't really understand all... I need help!
    Can anybody explain me simply what do I musst create to load the presets?
    I guess a sort of player, but I'm really lost with all these menus...
    The final result would be a preset-storage..
    I read this but it didn't really helped me:


    Here is my GUI project to link with the presets:

    alt text

    Thank you for anyone who would take a few minutes to help me!


  • When you say you saved them as a preset do you mean a .preset file or a .hip file? - @Christoph-Hart I think it might be good to change .hip to mean HISE Project rather than Preset.

  • Ah yes I meant .hip!
    Can you help me?

  • Is the difference between the two .hip just the samples?

  • Well I just started my first project, created a sampler unit and assigned my 11 samples, looped them and savd them as .hip preset.
    There is not the interface, or any control...
    The two .hip are just different about the samples in: no interface, just sounds loaded to the sampler...

  • Ok what you need to do is open one of them, right click in the mapping editor and save the sample map, then open the other one and do the same. After that I think you just save a user preset using the preset browser, then load in the other sample map into the mapping editor and save another user preset, you should then be able to switch between the user presets in the preset browser and it should swap the sample maps - I could be wrong about this though as I haven't done it myself yet, you may actually need to use scripting to swap the sample maps when the preset is changed.

    Edit: Actually now I think about it I'm pretty certain some scripting is required.

  • Thank you that seems logical! 🙂