Looking for way to get ScriptTable points as array including curve parameter

  • Hey all,

    I can't figure out a way to get the points from a ScriptTable as an array. I have a situation where I need to know the points on the table and the curves between them each time a user interacts with the table. After looking through the C++, it seems we just need a few more API calls:

    ScriptTable.getTableData(); // returns an array of objects, each with X, Y, and Curve
    ScriptTable.setTableValueChangedFunction(); // sets callback to fire whenever table is changed

    The current setControlCallback for ScriptTables only fires on compilation, not on user interaction, which makes the tables hard to customize unless you connect them to a processor, which is not the behavior I need.

    Has anyone dealt with this before? Thank you!

  • Yeah it seems like the onControl callback has no purpose for a table.

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